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I Will Try…!

October 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Beautiful poem

I will Try no matter How hard I have to.
I will Try even if Life crushes me down.
I will not Give up & Try N Try to rise high.
I will Try to Fly & Touch the Sky, even if the world says U don’t have the wings & you cant fly.
I will Try to win, even if am Losing.
I will Try to have Hope, even if there is None.
I will Try always to Smile, even if I m Crying.
I will Try to Sing, even if my Voice is dying.
I will Try to be Positive , even if I m surrounded in Negatives.
I will Try to reach for the Heaven, even if I m in Hell.
I will Try to Love , even if I have a Broken Heart.

Even if my Fate defies me and my Luck betrays,
In the darkest days with no Sunrays,
I will Try and do nothing else till I’ve achieved my dreams & won’t give up.
As winner I wish to live , who fights till the last breath…

And I will Try to Live even If I’m about to Die.

From: Pravs World

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