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The Ladder of Success..!!!

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 The Ladder of Success…

When you’ve mapped out your work
For the year just ahead,
And you are the one to do it.
And you’ve made up your mind to settle right down
At last, and then-stick to it!
You’ve reached the first round of the ladder, my boy
The ladder that leads to success and sweet joy
Though obstacles often at times may annoy
But, starting, you never will rue it.

When you start on the way up the ladder of life
The idlers will ask that you tarry,
And loiter with them by the side of the road,
And scoff at the load that you carry.
And others will ask you to jump in and ride
To the boathouse and with them go out with the tide,
For the Ocean of Life they will say is so wide,
That idling, results you can parry.

But when you have mapped out the road to success
You must wave the vain idler, goodbye,
You must pass quickly on to your duties each day
Nor care for the darts from his eye.
Each day is a round and the ladder is long
Each task will add Joy to a heart that is strong,
And the winner works on, in his heart a sweet song,
With the top of his ladder the sky!

Poem by : Ed Blair

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