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Real Happiness – A page fom my Life

November 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Little Things – Big Happiness

I used to go office by bus… Everday I notice a school student…may be 16 years of age…hanging his heavy bag, full of books, on his shoulders traveling by the same bus…His eyes… always at the entrance door of the bus…and whenever he saw any aged person entering the bus….He used to jump off his seat and offer his own seat to that person……………and position himself sideways with his heavy bag.

For last few days… I have been watching him….. and I find out that whenever he offers his seat to some one else, his eyes got more shine… his facial expressions appeared to be very peaceful and happiness just fills his face…

I was amazed to find out all this…and I decided to experience all this myself so that I can understand what he feels….The very next day, after this decision I was in the bus again….,he did the same…and luckily I also got an opportunity to offer my seat to one of the aged person whose eyes were searching an empty seat.

I offered him my seat and stood next to that student…who shared a smile with me….
I was just trying not to think about all this so that I can feel what that guy feels….and yes I felt it…. I felt like I am very much relaxed….My inner self just as light as I am flying…. Waves of contentment.. and satisfaction are just a part of my body… and soul….There is a sense of being blessed….within me… and I was heartly thankful to that school student.

I decided to carry on with this little act to experience Happiness at its meaximum.

The secret of extracting Happiness from Little things in life remains no more a secret to me…

Try Little Things and Be Happy…

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