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The Famous…story…of the childhood…

Recently it happend that I find this story on net….it just took me to the child hood memories……..

The message this story conveys is “Honesty is the Best Policy”

A woodman lost his axe into the river when it glanced off a tree he was felling. Angel appeared while the man was lamenting his loss, and on hearing his tale dived into the river, and recovered a golden axe. “That’s not mine,” said the woodman, so Angel  returned it to the river, resurfacing this time with a silver axe. “That’s not mine,” again said the woodman, and again Angel returned it to the river, resurfacing this time with the woodman’s own axe. “That’s mine,” said the grateful woodman.

 Angel  promptly rewarded the man for his honesty by giving him the golden and silver axes as well. On hearing the woodman’s tale, an envious friend set out to do as the woodman had done, visiting the same spot and deliberately losing his axe in the river. Just as before, Angel appeared and dived in to recover the lost axe. When Angel produced a golden axe, the man greedily stretched out for it claiming, “That’s mine.” Angel, not best pleased with the man’s dishonesty, held on to the golden axe, and refused to recover the original………

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