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Steps to achieve Goals…

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Ten steps that will help you reach your goal

Step 1: Choose a goal Then ask yourself, “Do I really want it?” Make sure you’re not creating a goal to please someone else  (i.e., learning a new language to impress your friends). If the answer is yes, that you really want to reach this goal, then write it below. Be specific and give yourself a deadline for meeting the goal, if possible.

Step 2: What will make my goal more appealing? If you want to exercise more often, you might write buy a new pair of sneakers or find a friend to exercise with you.

Step 3: Come up with the emotions that will help motivate you. For instance, if I don’t quit smoking I will worry about my health or if I find a new job I will be so much happier at work and home.

Step 4: List the obstacles and their solutions. If you think you lack the time to organize your closets,write, obstacle: time; solution: I will get up 20 minutes early two times a week until my closets look like a Real Simple cover.

Step 5: What other steps will help you achieve the goal? If you want to buy a new home, write down steps such as: call a mortgage broker, ask friends for the names of realtors, check on-line real estate listings twice a week.

Step 6: Call in reinforcements. List the people who can help you and how you will ask for their support. This could include your spouse, your kids, a best friend or even a coach or trainer

Step 7: Visualize your goal. Come up with a clear image of what you want to achieve-it may be a vision of yourself feeling invigorated after a workout, or a beautifully organized bedroom closet, or the new home you hope to buy with money you’ve saved.

Step 8: Create a mantra, a phrase you can say to yourself when you feel frustrated or ready to quit. For instance, no pain no gain or I won’t give up, no matter what.

Step 9: Promise yourself a reward. What will you give yourself when you complete your goal, or stages of your goal? Sometimes completion is the reward itself (like feeling thinner, finishing your thesis, or having a new home).Sometimes you need a perk to motivate you like a new pair of shoes, or a mini vacation.

Step 10: Refer to this worksheet. Put it in a place where you will see it everyday-by your bedside table, taped to your bathroom mirror, or on your bulletin board at work.

Source: Time Inc.

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