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The Change Within… (Guest Post)


– By Touseef

I have a nice friend.. have never met….him….we are from different countries…………yet.. too Close…you can read about him here.

I visit his blog….when ever I use wordpress….Lot of learnings…Here is a post from his Blog.. about Changing.. One’s Own self….

You know its probably sometimes this thought that doesn’t come to my brains, this morning as I was having the regular shower, this thing struck me. I got to move on, stop hanging to things that don’t mean no more. Good past is something like that favorite childhood shirt of yours that you cant use no more. It simply doesn’t fit on me any more.
All that I can do is, have it in my wardrobe, look at it everyday and feel bad/sad that I cant use it. Or just keep it away start trying something new, chances are that I’d start feeling better and great all over again.

It is just that something is stuck to my mind like a bubble gum that is stuck now stuck on you hair… trying to save my hair will spoil my scalp or just bruise it, cause to bleed, why don’t I just cut a few hair, they’d grow even if I am dead. Isn’t it? And also it’d take time to scrap that shit out of my hair.

I just cant afford to hold on to old things, people I’ve known a couple of years ago have moved ahead, they are focused on the road ahead, but I was foolishly helping everyone cross that hurdle, they’ve moved on, they have left me after that hurdle, I’ve now got to find a way of my own and start moving, or be it best, over take them and show them “The bird”.

All those things apart, all I now need is just a little magic in my hand. “Think it and get it” something like that. I know I am far better than those other people who can just see the road, I can solve a hurdle as well whilst they skip it.

Its like doing what I was always waiting to do, just the way I wanted.

I have made posts of this type earlier as well, but every time I post something like this, I am becoming what I want myself to be.

Changing. I have changed, beyond recognition.

@ Touseef – Thanks brother for this post……..it really touched me…

Touseef’s Blog

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