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Today is my Day….

Today is my Day

This is a day for me.
A day to celebrate what I am,
And who I want to be.
To see myself through my eyes
Not society’s
To express how I feel
To be real
To be strong
To hold my up head high
To reach for the sky
To be happy
To be free
To opens my eyes and really see
What it means to be . . . in reality
To examine my background
To not be afraid of life
To not walk with strife
About community, society and the individual.
I know now I don’t fit a mold
I don’t need to do what is told
I am independent, alone
Yet I have hope
That one day I will belong
I won’t be like soap, slipping and wasting
A social outcast.
Because who I am
Is all of my past
So when they judge me and set their own class
I don’t have to follow
I don’t have to swallow
The bulls###t they say to me
So go ahead, isolate me
Ostracize me
Excommunicate me
Because today is my day
And no matter what they do or say
I will be okay
Because this is the day for me…….

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