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Spider & The Fly – Dr.Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Spider & The Fly

Ek Makara Aur Makhee

A Poetic Rendering of Allama Iqbal’s Poem

One day the spider said to the fly,
“You always pass my house, but never come inside.

“Is my house too dirty for your feet?
Why don’t you come inside and have a seat?

“You avoid strangers, don’t worry I understand,
but I am a very dear friend, and have only good things planned.

“My house is suitable for a queen, isn’t it?
And so there are stairs in front, if you ever wish to visit.”

“Mr. Spider, I’m too clever,” was the answer of the fly.
“Go deceive someone else, but me, don’t even try.

“Whoever climbs your stairs forever remains trapped,
Mr. Spider, I’m too smart, you should’ve thought of that!”

Now the spider said, “You think my house is too plain for you to see?
I want you to be happy, but it’s obvious you don’t care about me.

“Why don’t you come inside and rest your tired wings?
Inside I have kept for you many beautiful things.

“My house is made of mirrors, you’d have a lot of fun.
I have the most comfortable beds that aren’t for just anyone.”

The fly answered, “All this is nice, but an offer from you will never take.
I know better than to sleep on your bed from which I would never awake.”

The spider was impressed by the cleverness of the fly,
“But how can I trap her?”   He thought, “how can I try?

“Flattery!”   He thought, “it’s almost like a rule,
flatter can transform any clever thing into a fool.

“Oh respected lady!”   Said the spider, “please don’t think I’d deceive you!
You are very smart, not to mention beautiful too.

Your head is decorated in jewels, and your eyes sparkle everyday.
You are gorgeous, intelligent and good.   Just perfect in every way.”

As the spider continued to flatter her, the fly became more impressed.
“I have no need to fear you,” she said, “I can get rid of my stress.

“Refusing someone’s offer is not a good thing to do;
breaking someone’s heart is terribly painful too.”

So with confidence the fly flew towards the spider,
As she landed on the sticky web the spider quickly caught her.

The foolishness of the fly cost her a great deal,
But the spider’s hunger vanished, having eaten a delicious meal.

  1. August 11, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    truly moving!


  2. August 12, 2009 at 9:39 am

    @ AD
    Thank you for comment..
    humm….remember we read this in our school/college Urdu book…???

  3. August 18, 2009 at 9:43 am

    انگلش ترجمہ آپ نےکیا ہے اس نظم کا؟
    بہت ہی عمدہ ہے
    شاعری سے کافی دلچسپی لگتی ہے آپ کو
    اقبال کے علاوہ کون سے شاعر پسند ہیں؟

  4. August 18, 2009 at 10:57 am

    No brother…this is not mine….mein aysa nahi ker sakta…
    Iqbal…hi say lagao hay buss..:)
    bohat shukriya comment k liye..
    Khush rahiye…

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