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Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (The Apple Guy…. resigned today)

August 25, 2011 2 comments

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


This Is How Winners Are Made – An Excellent Video

June 22, 2011 7 comments

Video- Never Give up on Your Dreams – Imran Khan (A TEDx Karachi event)

June 11, 2011 1 comment

Click to watch the video

Courtesy : TEDx Karachi

Essentials of Success(Video) – Lessons from Pakistan Cricket Team (Revised) –

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Average is a new Exceptional..

October 14, 2010 3 comments

Average is a new Exceptional..

Being an “average” doesn’t mean that you are unworthy… A very impressive knock by an undergraduate Anthony Corvino delivering the undergraduate student commencement remarks at Binghamton University. Check out the video below:

with thanks to Samir for sharing

Project Natal Milo….(unbelievable)

April 15, 2010 1 comment

Get Up – Don’t Give Up (Video)

August 25, 2009 3 comments

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