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How to Succeed – 15 points

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Note: Good for professionals.


Lessons from WARREN BUFFET…!

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Lessons from WARREN BUFFET…!

Personal Effectiveness at Work

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Guiding principles for Executives….

An invitation to Happiness

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I got this by email and sharing here as I find this very true and logical.

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins…

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Read on ….

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MARCON 2009 Conference – A great experience

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I attended a two days Marketing Conference(MARCON- 2009) on January 28th & 29th 2009.This Conference was arranged by Marketing Association of Pakistan(MAP).The theme was “Marketing in the Challenging times”.This was the best conference I have ever attended.Let me share what was the learning and you will also find the speeches of the speakers in audio format.

The theme itself was attractive enough as we all , globally ,are trapped and challenged by/in the TOUGH TIMES.…Economies around the globe are facing devastation….People are losing jobs…If i am not wrong, it happens to be first time that Toyota is facing a loss in a 71 years of time,General Motors(GM),the company with great leadership ever had, is in deep crises and if the bail out package has not been announced,people may have considered GM  as “No-more-Existing” Company.In Pakistan we have auto industry production down by 50 %, In India its about 20%  less production.Global stock markets lost about 20 Trillion US $(One-third of the Global GDP), One one hand production in China is down by 7 % (after 7 years) and on the other hand many Banks have to close down their operations because of the Financial Turmoil.

The sentences like “I lost my job” or “Our company has decided to laid – off  ‘X’ number of Employees to reduce the costs..” bla bla are frequently heard and spoken now a days…So I was really looking forward to attend this important conference.Needless to mention the Company I am working for,for their kind support towards my participation in this Conference.

The different topics discussed were as under

1. Tough Times, Tough Strategies – by Mr.Hilmy Cader CEO – MTI Consulting Bahrain

This discussion reveals whats happening around  the world after the current economic crises and also different strategies to cope with them.
The focus was on developing a “Trim & Fit” Company based on rationalization strategy,handling staff issues effectively,developing systems based on ground zero processing (cold @ structure & warm @ staff approach) etc.

A quote from the discussion is as under:

“Managing only for profits is like keeping your eyes on the score card and not on the ball”

You can listen or download this lecture/presentation here.

2. Differentiate or Die  – The way forward in Difficult times – by Mr.Uditha Liyanage – Director & Chairman Board of Management,Postgraduate Institute of management,Sri Lanka.

The discussion moves around”What is Strategy & What is NOT Strategy”.The summary is as under:

  • Strategy is competing to be best…
  • Strategy is not a Vision nor a Mission,
  • Strategy is not standing…nor the steps…but Strategy is a “STAND”
  • Position that one takes on the Market & in the Market.
  • Strategy is asking yourself “who you are” firstly, & then “what you stand for” because,”where you want to go is determined by ‘ Who you are’.”

Also… “Where you want to be and how will you get there” are Planning Questions and not the Strategy.
This discussion remind me of Mr.Ekhlaque Ahmed,my respectable professor of Strategic Management  at CBM, who really make us understand the “BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY” and that differentiation is not being better but being DIFFERENT.

You can listen or download this lecture/presentation here

3.Building Strategic Advantage in Global Marketsby Mr.Ted Marra – Chief Strategy Officer, Sybrid & Former Director, Center for Innovation Management Europe(CIM)

This presentation focus on the following:

  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Culture
  • Core Competencies
  • Relationships
  • Agility & Renewal
  • Value Creation & Delivery
  • Process – People – Product
  • Stake holders
  • Market Competitiveness etc.

You can listen or download this lecture/presentation here.

4. Presentation on Branded Content – by Ms.Amna Khatib Paracha,COO – Orientedge UM,Pakistan which was focusing on changing the advertising & marketing perspective and how to be creative in the changing world.She highlighted that the Brand message should be Engaging,Entertaining and should be communicating the brand message.Advertising + Entertainment = Branded content.

5.Panel Discussion – Managing Your Brand in Change & Crises.

Panelists were as under:

  • Dr.Aamir Matin  – Country General Manager,CISCO Pakistan
  • Mr.Amer Pasha,Country Management Pakistan & Afghanistan ,Visa International (Asia Pacific)Ltd
  • Mr.Khurram Rahat,Managing Director,Teradata Pakistan
  • Mr.Humayun Bashir,Country General Manager,IBM Pakistan
  • Mr.Hasan Aziz Bilgrami,President Bankislami Pakistan Limited & ICMAP
  • Mr.Saad M. Waraich,Country Director, Nokia Siemens Network
  • Mr.Sarmad Ali,Group Managing Director Marketing,Jang Group
  • Mr.Abdul Samad Khan,Director,Engro Food Limited

The discussion focus on the experiences of being in the tough times and getting out of them,It also revolves around the RoI on marketing,changes in brand perceptions,usage patterns & perceived benefits,being proactive and ready to face the challenge etc.

The panel discussion can be downloaded from here

6.Secrets of Digital Branding – by Mr.Badar Khushnood – Country Consultant , Google Inc.Pakistan

This was again a great presentation highlighting the changes taking place in Technology around the world.

7.Presentation on ” How Pakistani brands go global ? ” – by Mr.Abrar Hasan,Managing Director National Food Limited – highlighting the road map for Pakistani brands to become global brands and overcomming the hurdles  and challenges being faced by them.

8.The worth mentioning lecture on “Pakistan – Glass half full or half Empty” –  by Mr.Irfan Mustafa, Managing Director ,YUM Group, UAE.

An eye opener, a deal of being proactive,being optimistic,being responsible and being Motivating…This was  the last but not the least lecture of the conference which has really refreshed everybody in the hall.
A video on Team work & Hard work shared during this lecture can be viewed below.


1.The purpose of this post is only & only sharing the knowledge for the betterment of individual as well as society.

2.The audio & video files are recorded using mobile phone,hence the quality will not be a great one however, these files are understandable.


The Robby’s Story….(Success Principles)

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